Double your donation for one week only to help save species in urban green spaces & connect people to nature.

Children looking at species

£2.50 doubled to £5

could buy a set of ‘specimen pots’ to allow children to?get?a close look at moth trap catches.

BC Volunteers

£5 doubled to £10

could cover training material costs for our volunteers.

Mating Green-veined Whites at Snakeholme (Derek Fox) 200620

£12.50 doubled to £25

could buy hand tools for habitat management work at a project green space.

How will Big City Butterflies help?


The project will inspire Londoners to discover butterflies and moths, and in doing so will connect them with nature and their local green spaces. The people we reach will have opportunities to learn about butterflies and moths, how to seek them out, to enjoy them and to help them thrive in their neighbourhoods. The project includes:

School children in a butterfly and moth workshop

72 primary school workshops in inner London and plots for butterflies and moths in school grounds.

public at a community event

40 varied and engaging community events reaching 2,000 people.

Public looking at butterflies

38 training workshops for people to learn how to identify and record butterflies and moths in local green spaces.

Training workshop

54 training workshops and site visits for people to learn how to manage and improve urban green spaces for butterflies and moths.

Your donation could pay for:

School children in a butterfly garden

£25 doubled to £50

would buy enough plants to create a school ground nectar plot for butterflies and moths.

Public at a butterfly community event

£50 doubled to £100

would enable us to engage people by running a community event.

School butterfly workshop

£125 doubled to £250

would pay for a day's visit to a primary school for a hands on workshop with the children.

Double your donation until midday on Tuesday, December 8th! Help us do twice as much for threatened butterflies & moths.

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Please note: if we do not receive sufficient funding for this project to go ahead your donation will be allocated to education, engagement and community activity elsewhere in the UK.